New Book: “Coming Home After Disaster”

Please find a flyer advertising the new book, Coming Home After Disaster, here.

“This book serves as a valuable resource by highlighting the key issues and challenges that need to be addressed with regard to post-disaster housing. It features a collection of case studies of housing issues from various disasters that have occurred globally. Bringing together the expertise of a range of scholars working in this field, this book highlights the rich diversity of approaches taken to solve post-disaster housing problems.”

Job: Research Project Manager, UNC Hurricane Matthew Disaster Recovery and Resilience Initiative

The Project Manager will assist the State of North Carolina’s Senior Disaster

Recovery Advisor and Chief of the Hurricane Matthew Disaster Recovery

and Resilience Initiative (HMDRRI) manage the daily activities of the

HMDRRI. The HMDRRI is a partnership spanning the University of North

Carolina, the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management, the

Governor’s Office and local communities recovering from Hurricane

Matthew. Specific tasks of the HMDRRI include advising the Division of

Emergency Management and the Governor on post-disaster policy and

funding initiatives; assisting communities develop disaster recovery plans;

conducting applied research; and other activities as assigned.


This position requires an individual with experience in managing the daily

operations of a dynamic organization operating in a turbulent environment.

Experience managing operations in a post-disaster setting are preferred.

This position will assist the State of North Carolina’s Senior Disaster

Recovery Advisor and Chief of the Hurricane Matthew Disaster Recovery

and Resilience Initiative oversee all activities of the Initiative.


Specific activities include organizing meetings, managing and organizing the data

collected as part of the Initiative, documenting the efforts of the HMDRRI,

coordinating activities across the Initiative, and writing correspondence and

reports. Familiarity with the writing and publication of plans, applied research

findings and outreach and training materials are preferred.


Jobs: 4 positions with Miami-Dade County Office of Resilience

Miami-Dade County’s Office of Resilience is happy to announce that it is searching for highly qualified candidates to fill four new positions. The Office of Resilience is within the County’s Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources.

Please review the 4 position descriptions below, in particular noting preferences and recruitment notes and the specific job opening number for each position.

The link to access the County’s job posting website and apply for the positions is:

Please do us the favor of spreading the word regarding these job openings.

Job Title: RER Resiliency Program Manager (Adaptation)  –  Open Competitive

Job Opening: 42256                         

Entry Rate: $78,618.80

Yearly Maximum Rate: $121,880.46

Closing Date: February 5, 2017

Minimum Qualifications Bachelor’s degree. Three years of professional administrative, or managerial experience, to include supervisory experience in environmental science, sustainability, ecology, water resources, biology, conservation, energy management, engineering, climatology, or related fields are required.

Preferences Experience in working with a broad range of stakeholders on complex technical and social issues, analyzing and communicating impacts of climate change and sea level rise, and evaluating adaptation and resilience options to address impacts, is highly preferred. Certification as a Flood Plain Manager is highly preferred.

Recruitment Notes The ideal candidate should possess strong research, organizational, leadership, interpersonal, problem-solving & communication skills, and be able to work effectively both independently and collaboratively.

This is advanced professional and supervisory work with technical and administrative responsibility in analyzing, understanding, planning, and preparing for the effects of climate change and sea level rise in Miami-Dade County. The Adaptation Resilience Program Manager will serve as a primary point person, coordinator, and manager for climate change adaptation and resilience efforts in Miami-Dade County. This includes working across all departments, as well as coordinating with contracted expertise and a multitude of external stakeholders, including but not limited to, municipalities, businesses, residents, community organizations, and other local, regional, state and federal organizations and agencies. The incumbent will be responsible for understanding and effectively communicating complex issues and the pros and cons of various proposed adaptive measures, as well as cost vs. benefits, in order to provide guidance on actions and implementation that are the most beneficial and cost-effective.


Job Title: RER Resiliency Coordinator 1   –   Open Competitive

Job Opening: 42254

Entry Rate: $56,132.44

Yearly Maximum Rate: $89,896.04

Closing Date: February 7, 2017

Minimum Qualifications Bachelor’s degree,  One year of professional experience in environmental science, sustainability, ecology, biology, engineering, energy management, climatology, urban  planning or related field are required.

Recruitment Notes   The ideal candidate should possess a sustainability, resiliency, or science background and superior communication skills, superior writing, editing, proofreading skills in variety of styles, including newswriting, copywriting, and speechwriting, for newsletters, digital platforms, presentations and scientific reports,  experience using AP Style writing guidelines, Adobe Photoshop, experience with sustainability/resiliency planning and/or project implementation including research, data & policy analysis, community engagement, stakeholder engagement including mass communications, presentations, education, media and social media are highly desired.

Description of Duties:  The incumbent in this position will be responsible for providing effective education and communication about government and community sustainability / resilience initiatives and projects. The incumbent should be scientifically knowledgeable about a wide range of sustainability and resilience policies and highly technical issues and have demonstrated experience and success in crafting effective outreach, marketing, and education campaigns and initiatives. An incumbent in this position will serve as the primary developer of all forms of outreach, marketing, and education efforts on behalf of the Office of Resilience. Since sustainability and resiliency issues are very broad, the incumbent will be working on enterprise-wide (across all departments) and community-wide issues. The incumbent must apply strong research, organizational, and communication skills to create presentations, scientific reports, planning strategies, educational materials, and other communication pieces about the County’s performance that are informative, accurate, clear, coherent and engaging.


Job Title: RER Resiliency Coordinator 2   –   Open Competitive

Job Opening: 42255

Entry Rate: $64,360.14

Yearly Maximum Rate:  $104,645.58  Yearly

Closing Date: February 7, 2017

Minimum Qualifications Bachelor’s degree. Two years of professional experience in environmental science, sustainability, ecology, biology, engineering, energy management, climatology, urban planning or related field are required.

Preferences: Experience in professional administrative and/or project management is highly preferred.

Recruitment Notes   The ideal candidate should possess strong organizational, research, stakeholder engagement, communication, and problem-solving skills and have demonstrated experience and success in facilitating collaboration on key sustainability and resilience issues. Incumbent will serve as the primary liaison and coordinator with Miami-Dade County municipalities and local and regional universities to gather data and enhance cooperative efforts that address and resolve sustainability and resilience challenges. Incumbent will also serve as primary point person facilitating engagement with a broad array of internal, community, and regional stakeholders in the development, updating, and implementation of various County and regional sustainability and resiliency plans. Stakeholder engagement work will include organizing meetings and training events and soliciting and incorporating information and feedback received from stakeholders.

Description of Duties: The incumbent in this position will be responsible for serving as the point person and community engagement liaison and coordinator for the County’s comprehensive sustainability and resilience efforts. This includes identifying funding and economic development opportunities, and developing and implementing policies, initiatives and projects in support of sustainability and resilience initiatives, policies, plans and programs that include, but are not limited to, the countywide Green Print sustainability plan, the Greater Miami and the Beaches Resilience Strategy, and the Regional Climate Action Plan. Incumbent will be the primary point person to drive and coordinate innovative solutions to sustainability challenges and resilience shocks and stresses with local and regional universities including the Florida Climate Institute and MetroLab Network partnerships. In addition, the incumbent will be the primary liaison to coordinate with municipalities to develop and implement the County’s sustainability and resilience plans and initiatives. This position will also be responsible for consistent engagement of other key sectors of the community such as nonprofit, private business, cultural, and residential sectors during the development and implementation of the County’s sustainability and resilience initiatives, plans, and programs.


Job Title: RER Resiliency Metrics  Analyst  –   Open Competitive

Job Opening: 42250

Entry Rate: $64,360.14

Yearly Maximum Rate:  $104,645.58

Closing Date: February 7, 2017

Minimum Qualifications Bachelor’s degree. A minimum of two years of experience in environmental performance, measurement or reporting, to include sustainability and resiliency are required.

Preferences: Experience in engineering, engineering technology, environmental science/studies, biology, other natural science, sustainability, resiliency, environmental performance or related field, and experience with measurement and reporting to enable plan/strategy/resource adjustments is highly preferred.

Recruitment Notes The Ideal candidate should have experience in database administration, management or automated data collection, management, calculations, and reporting. Experience with emissions sources, calculations, and climate change science, sustainability, resilience, greenhouse gas accounting and international and regional protocols is highly desirable. Ability to work independently and use advanced analytical skills is preferred.

Description of Duties: An incumbent in this position will focus on researching, developing, implementing and continuously improving Miami-Dade County’s sustainability and resiliency monitoring and reporting processes, fostering accountability for strategy and plan implementation and outcomes, and providing performance data and trends to enable plan/strategy/resource adjustments. The focus of the work product is to serve as a catalyst for change within the County organization. The incumbent will develop and implement a detailed work program to oversee and coordinate the sustainability and resiliency data collection and entry functions, compiling data to be provided by a variety of people across the organization and outside the organization. The incumbent will regularly analyze data and perform complex impact analysis and calculations for a wide variety of metrics associated with measuring savings, progress, and success of numerous sustainability, climate change, and resilience related efforts. This will include, but not be limited to: Community-wide and County Government Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions inventories; emissions and reductions associated with various energy and fuel reduction projects, life-cycle procurement analyses, and other various metrics associated with sustainability and resilience initiatives.

Training course: “Open Science for Synthesis: Gulf Research Program” application open until 2/20

Apply by Feb. 20: NCEAS Open Science for Synthesis training course (please forward)

As part of our work to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and scientific synthesis, as well as support the training it requires, the Gulf Research Program is pleased to sponsor a hands-on data science course run by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS). This three-week intensive training—Open Science for Synthesis: Gulf Research Program—is designed to help both early career (upper-level graduate students) and established researchers gain skills in data science, including scientific synthesis, reproducible science, and data management. Participants will receive support to cover economy round-trip airfare within the contiguous U.S. and be given accommodation in Santa Barbara for the July 10-28, 2017 training. NCEAS is accepting applications now; apply by 5pm PST on Monday, February 20, 2017.

The hands-on NCEAS training experience focuses on group synthesis projects that allow participants to apply the skills they learn in the training directly to research projects relevant to the Gulf Research Program. In past NCEAS trainings, these synthesis projects have led to publishable results for participants. Instructors for the training will include NCEAS Director of Informatics Research and Development, Matthew Jones, DataONE Director of Community Engagement and Outreach, Amber Budden and many others.